The Weber compagny is a compagny of cereal and farm produces brokerage created by Mr ROBERT WEBER in 1971. He had taken back the activity of the compagny based in 1924 by Mr PETIAUX.

In 1992, the WEBER compagny opens to European Market and more particulary on Italy, Spain and Belgium.

The costumers are essentially cereal co-operatives and food-processing industries such as millers, feed and cereal flakes manufacturers and traders.

The compagny proposes 3 departments which are either additional, or different, according to each customer needs

Brokerage Departement which market diverse products such as :

Cereals (wheat, barley, corn, oat)
By-Products of oil seeds(soya, rape, sunflower, linen, palmiste)
Pulp of beets and Alfalfas
Grains of seeds(proteinic peas)




Technical department : specialized in the wheat high quality milling, the Weber compagny knows how to study the specific needs of every miller. A preselection of diverse samples allows it to propose the best adapted product to every situation.

Logistic department which organizes completely the transport of goods into France and Europe